specializing in eco-chic

“ I have found when people are excited by their personal space,
  they are inspired to do amazing things. That inspires me.”

                                                                          ~ jenifer schweitzer


why hire an expert?

approaching a design project is attainable and fun. then the logistics set in and the complexity can be overwhelming.

“i love this paint swatch... why doesn’t it look like this in my space?”

    you have an idea, you want to execute it without exorbitant time and accruing costs. hire me and I will coach, design and/or coordinate your project to completion. together we will make informed and educated decisions for your space.

hire me with one of the following approaches:

  1. 1)transform what already exists

  2. 2)be coached as a DIY’er

  3. 3)have a total makeover

what is design management?

as a coach to a diy’er: we will consult you through the processes of understanding a color & lighting analysis of your spaces, we will provide layout designs, and help in editing your personal collection with guidance to seeking your own special finds, we will assist you in identify your special needs.

as a personal assistant: we work as an editor and orgaziner on projects ranging from event planning to staging your space for sale or special occasion.

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